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Pre Web News Cycle, Journalists & Blogging


Last week we began to examine life Pre Internet.

Painting phones.jpg

G Surat .jpeg George Seurat 1859 – 1891 ‘Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’

We see that Information & Technology share an exponential evolutionary curve –

Progress is Exponential in its Growth.


We also saw that there was a Universal  Information Cycle. Humans are wired to be curious about the world around them, we seek knowledge about the environment and about each other.

The Information Cycle.

  1. Information is created or discovered  –  & then considered valuable
  2. Information is stored – to be retained
  3. Information is accessed – to be re used
  4. Information needs to be transmitted or transfered to others – to be shared
  5. Information needs to be received – to be shared
  6. Information needs to be re interpreted accurately – so we can add new information to the cycle

Information becomes a resource commodity when it is perceived to have value. One of the most valuable sources of Cultural Information has developed into what we call the NEWS.

The need to know …

‘What’s going on?’ 

We can trace an early version of the news to Ancient Roman Times with the

Acta Diurna (the daily acts)

The Ides of March 44 BC assassination of Julius Caesar 

image: Re enactment at Largo Argentina in Rome



Prior to the explosion of the Social Media revolution a few powerful companies controled all the media, both Publishing & Broadcasting outlets.  Pre Internet News was created by media companies as a cycle of information for public consumption.

The TV program called the NEWS was one of the most highly rated shows that was broadcast live. News Media organisations competed for coverage of Breaking News Events.

Notes 1

The News Cycle 

  1. Selection of an EVENT considered to be News Worthy
  2. The News Event was REPORTED by Journalists
  3. The News Event was MEDIATED by Editorial Departments & Corporate Bias
  4. The News was CONSUMED by a Passive Viewing Audience


An example of Pre Internet TV program ratings was provided by The Nielsen Ratings  company. High ratings gave tv programs high advertising value. We will be looking at the role of advertising in pre internet TV later.

Advertising income is the major financial revenue for all pre interent Media Organisations.


Pre Web News existed as a Media Cycle.

Journalists played a signicant role in this Pre Internet News Cycle

Notes 2

The Who – What -Where – When & Why of News Reporting

5 W’s of News Reporting

Eventually CNN became the first dedicated Cable Network Organisation reporting News 24/7. Launched in 1980.



What the News Media can learn from the Scientific Investigation.


After the Age of Enlightenment of the 18th Century, Science became the universal method of aquiring information about the natural world. It followed rigorous disciplines of enquiry.

Notes 3

1. Follow an Injunction (discover through experiment)

2. Apprehend the Data (find & record the information)

3.Seek Confirmation from Scientific Peers (varification of results)

The Scientific Way of Reporting Science Information

2ND CLass – Create your Blog:

Some Old Papalote Student Bloggers

Example of a great blog Pablo on Jazz Music



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