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FILMS – Posters – trailers – title sequence

Movies use media to market their appeal via traliers & posters I also want you to be aware of how they start with a titling seqence. The Trailer: By showing a limited number of editing scenes in montage form with some dialogue or voice over the trailer attempts to hook you into the story. Usually we see extracts from key scenes featuring the protagonist in a challenging The Poster: Generally show the Protogonist & Antagonist within the movie location- in addition a poster may have one key line from the script or a tagline.A poster will also name the lead actors in the film and some of the production crew. The Titling Sequence: This is the short film in itself and is a creative text/image montage at the begining of the movie that shows who made the film and the cast. It sets the mood and ambience for the film that follows, and thematic choice of music is particular important for this to work.  SKYFALL Unknown

SKYFALL Title Sequence  

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN Poster Unknown-1 Trailer

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN Title Sequence



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