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Global Communications & 24 hr News Networks

The reason we have access to the information we do is because of the incredible progress of Global Satellite Technology images

The first News Network to take advantage of this was CNN (Mexican site)

Cable Network News


Cnn.svg was launched in 1980 and gave access to people with cable tv a 24 hr global news service – other tv networks didn’t have the journalists on the ground for immediate coverage – this revolutionaised the way News was broadcast pre internet.

Since then and with the advent of the internet 2 other big news neworks have appeaered

RT News Nework

Russia-today-logo.svg this channel is a state owner Russian News Network launched in 2005 that broadcasts alternative interpretations of world events see Wiki

RT often hired young passionate journalists like Abby Martin who hosted a show called Breaking the Set

Here is her final impassioned speech before she left the show

as does the Al Jazeera news nework launched in 1996 based in Qatar wiki


Both Al Jazeera and RT provide a counter balance to the way in which CNN reports American intervention on foreign soil e.g. during the Iraq War


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