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The emergence of reality based viral online advertising

Over the last 10 years there has been a shift in advertising strategy to to gain market share in product consumption, and one of the ways has been to use the powert of reality situations to involve the viewer in an ‘Emersive Viewing Experience’ Case Studies:

We will analyse these campaigns through the lens of Mazlow’s Heirarchy of Human Needs


Here is one such campaign cross promotion with Benifica The Wallet  – notes on this here Coca Cola Unknown We will analyse these from Mazlows Heirarchy of Human Needs to understand how these video campaigns work. Here is one for Carlsberg Beer images

Some info on this campaign via Mashable on the Calsberg Ad

The video, released in September 2011, had 11 million views on YouTube as of early May 2012. Elke Janssens, senior account manager at Duval Guillaume Modem, the Belgium-based ad agency behind the effort, says that there have been over 16 million views worldwide, more than 1.5 million shares on Facebook, 364,000 mentions on Twitter and free publicity in more than 900 blogs, 150 news websites, numerous TV shows, newspapers and magazines — all with a correct brand attribution of 98%. In addition, there was a 4.3% increase in sales, by volume, in the third and fourth quarter of 2011, Janssens says.

What’s remarkable about the campaign is that the bit of theater Carlsberg created tied so closely to the brand’s positioning.

Janssens noted that Carlsberg introduced a new tagline in early 2011 — “That calls for a Carlsberg.” The slogan underpins a new creative strategy, essentially making a Carlsberg the reward for an act of courage. “Starting from this strategy, our creative team came up with some viral ideas for experiments where people have to step up out of their comfort zone and show courage,” Janssens says.

Here is one for TNT tv network images

Via Mashable on the TNT ad

An ad for the launch of the cable channel TNT promoting the “drama” of its programming had a pretty dramatic debut.

TNT’s ad has become the second most-shared of all time, according to Unruly, a video research firm. The ad, which was released on April 11, has been shared 3 million times. Only “The Force,” the 2011 Super Bowl ad from Volkswagen, has been shared more.

David Waterhouse, head of content for Unruly, says the TNT ad — called “A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Street” — may well surpass “The Force” soon since one in seven people who saw “Surprise” shared it vs. one in 12 for “The Force.”

The TNT ad, featured above, takes place in a “little town in Belgium” in a “square where nothing really happens.” TNT’s ad agency, Duval Guillaume Modem, placed a large red button there and invited passers-by to “Push to Add Drama.”

Doing so led to a flurry of activity including a clumsy EMS unit dropping a man on a stretcher, a bicycle accident, a fistfight and the appearance of a woman on a motorcycle clad in lingerie. The ad, which appeared on YouTube on April 11, is now up to 21.5 million views. Now over 52 million views

Here is another ad from the Belgium Agency again for Coca Cola this time a cross promotion wih the release of the James Bond Movie SkyFall

The brief

To announce the next stage in it’s partnership with SKYFALL, Coca-Cola Zero challenged some people to unlock the 007 in them and get a chance to win exclusive tickets to the latest Bond movie.

The idea

Unsuspecting train passengers at a Coca-Cola Zero vending machine were suddenly confronted with a James Bond-like mission. The machine challenged them to race against the clock, through a crowded train station, to collect their exclusive tickets. But along the way, challenges and obstacles unfolded, calling on them to unlock their inner 007.


The event took place in the busiest train station in Belgium, so thousands of commuters witnessed the contest. But more importantly we directly touched more than 10 million through an online film (made from the live event). Which made this film the most watched online film in Coke history. With over 1.000.000 shares, the online movie quickly became a top 20 most shared film in the world in 2012.

In contrast to the new online world of viral advertsing, here is an old classic campaign ad for Marlboro cigarettes from 1966 (B&W tvs) – Use Mazlow to Analyse what is the strategy here.


And for women here is a very creative campaign for DOVE soap Unknown

(owned by the big brand product creator  Unilever ) with over 5 million views on Youtube


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