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The Staging of a photo oportunity – media perception & truth

Last weekend in Paris there was a major public street demonstration in sympathy for the dead cartoonisits of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.


Above we see 2 shots of various European Political leaders marching with the crowd demonstation

But apparently these shots were staged …

B7JTOxtIIAAbsY8.jpg-largein a private street with organised security away from the crowds. If we didn’t know this was a staged photo opportunity the perception we would have of these politicians, would be that they are courageous and with the people at the front of the protest. This wins votes and the confidence of the people.

(Shot via @moneyries news editor of @mashable)

The media is a very powerful public perception machine. Always question the authenticity of photos on major media networks.

The origin of the Je Suis Charlie goes back to the movie Spartacus about a revolutionary slave who led a revolt against the Roman Empire in 73BCE.


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