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Pre Human Imagination & the first Image ?

shell-engraving6 A very interesting archaeological find was made recently in Indonesia – carvings on a shell estimated to be 540,000 years old. Check Here for the full story.

COVER-N6newThe implications of this are very relevent to our Media Studies and especially to the origin of the power of Images in our culture which imerged in Homo Sapiens. It seems that as early as Homo Erectus this powerful impulse to create an image from tne imagination prevailed. The shell is the medium upon which the image, (what ever it represents as a conceptual message) has been stored. Half a million yerars later this information has been retrieved by us.

This finding predates the earliest known images carved in ochre by early modern man 90,000 years ago discovered in Blombos Cave in South Africa


The above seems to indicate that straight lines intersecting may have been the first attempts at pattern imaging – with circular forms emerging later.


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