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Out of Character or not ? That is the question ….. ‘Whether to be noble and stick to the movie or to take a pay check…’

In the movie The Matrix there is a scene where Neo & Morpheous discuss that nature of reality, it is a very important scene in the 1st Matrix film.

With some ‘Suspension of Disbelief’ you see 2 characters having a discussion. You also may know that Morpheus is played by Lawrence Fishburne and Neo by Keanu Reeves, and that the movie was directed by the Wachowski Bros and the company that made the film is Warner Brothers.

Great movie great characters well played…

24 years later there is an ad that will appear on the SuperBowl

The character of Morpheus is involved in a much wider Kia car campaign

This advertisment revolves around the pivotal Red Pill Scene in the real movie 

This is an example of how big brands get involved in the movie making industry.

I would like to know: How this deal came together between Warner Brothers and Kia ?


What the directors feel about their character Morpheous doing this?

And why did Lawrence Fishburne agree to star in this commercial for Kia cars? I think we know the answer to that ….

My feeling is that major character actors of movies should not sell out, that major iconic screen characters should stay in the movie and not be seen endorsing products that have nothing to do with the movie.When ever i see this done i only see the actor playing in a commercial, the suspension of disbelief in the character is broken. For me it diminshes the character in the movie.

Russell Crowe is a good example of this point of view as he turned down lucrative offers for him to revive his Oscar winning role of Maximus and endorse various products as the Hero spokesman.

These days there is a very fine line between the world of entertainment and branding.

I do believe it is ok for actors to endorse products representing  themselves of course, and many leading actors do this without diminishing their status in the profession eg George Clooney for Nespreso.

Are you ok with tv commercials where the Terminator is endorsing Sunglasses or Harry Potter is endorsing iphones or Katniss Everdeen endorses Shampoo or Captain Jack Sparrow endorses Bacardi Rum?


Feedback ….


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