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Yesterday we looked at global events that captured people’s attention via their media coverage eg THE OLYMPICS – THE WORLD CUP – THE SUPER BOWL – THE ACADEMY AWARDS – THE ELECTION OF A POPE – THE MOON LANDING – ROCK CONCERTS TO SAVE THE WORLD …. ect these media events are made possible via techology like telecommunications satellites and broadcast tv. Because they are live video events they have immese power to attract a global audience .

We must realise that the power of the moving image has the effect that we tend to believe what we are seeing , because the event has been mediated by our technological devices ie on the screen we tend to suspend disbelief of what we see and take it, or even wish it to be true, but it is not always the case. You invoke the suspension of disbelief every time you watch a film and believe that the actors that you are seeing are the characters in the movie. Our ability to experience a STORY relies very much on our capacity to use our imagination, to suspend our rational disbelief in a fictional world, and instead believe, that say, Pandora really exists, when in fact it is a moving image projected on a screen at 24 frames per second and came from the imagination of director James Cameron.

Take a look at the video below … believe it  ot not ?

Man flies with Wings

One feature film that fueled disbelief in the moon landings was a film called Capricorn One which told the story of a future conspiracy behind a hoaxed mission to Mars.

My point is that any major event reported on mass media in the form of the moving image is a powerful experience, far more powerful than seeing a still image or reading a text report. Be aware of this tendency to believe what you see … Always remember that as a consumer of media content you are being Mediated …


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