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BREAKING NEWS: ‘The Sun is now Setting …’ The experience of environmental ‘MEDIATION’ in Beijing China


Here is an example of environmental Mediation – the smog is so bad in Beijing they are showing the sunset on a tv sceen – The world wide trend in technology is to mediate ‘life’ experience through a screen. To be discussed …

When Information is MEDIATED  in communication it is apprehended information that is transfered to a reciver via a communication technology. Information Mediation doesn’t have to be electronic. Receiving an old fashion vacation postcard via the postal service from a friend in Sydney Australia saying ‘Wish you were here’ is using the postcard (and the techology of writing) to mediate the experience of being on Bondi Beach.

Mediation transforms  the real ‘information experience’ because it is pre experienced in some way and then transmitted 2nd hand via an information technology.

The News (Media) will be a good example of this, see notes in previous post.


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