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Last year there was a video that went viral over the net showing human flight with man made wings.

The Humanbird Wings project was an 8 month creation of Jarno Smeets who kept a blog on his lead up to filming his epic ‘flight’

After the video went viral Jarno Smeets admitted that it was a hoax. This brings into focus the need to be critical about what we accept as REAL on the Web. For many people seeing this around the world it would have seemed very real, especially if you were one of the people following his progress blog, that seemed very genuine at the time.

Notice in the video there is no camera POV (point of view) from the ground as he lands. If this had of been real any film director would have included in the final edit a landing shot. 

My sugestion is to learn some basic cinematography and editing and be critical about what you see on the net that makes special claims to authenticity. This is not the last of these kinds of hoax videos. 


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