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@shanesmith founder of Vice takes you on a tour of the NY HQ in celebration of 1 million subs on their YouTube channel 

Shane Smith intros a new series of programs he will be doing for the giant HBO network

Vice the magazine was initially launched as the Voice of Montreal in 1994, it later broke away from its roots and re located to NY in 1999. Very much an avant garde underground voice for the NEW COOL , this media bad boy has become a global media service producing some of the most cutting edge cultural stories of our time. 

They have championed an Immersionist style of reporting , which is an evolution of Hunter S Thompson’s GONZO  journalism which began in the 1970’s for the counter culture Rolling Stone magazine.

These styles of media are not considered mainstream which has its own form of Embedded reporting of information. While the worlds press covered the Vietnam War in the 70’s more as a critism of American intervention in Vietnam than as a voice of the Pentagon, embedded journalist in US military locations are seen as reporters working for the military, they are protected by the army and are not crititcal of operations. Embeded is a term that originated in the Iraq war of 2003,  these war correspondants inevitably became part of the Information War that countries engage in to win the hearts and mind of the civilian population.

Hunter S. Thompson wrote Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.jpgoriginally as monthy installments for Rolling Stone magazine, it became a book later. Here’s the trailer to the film starring Johnny Depp, see the film, but READ THE BOOK to get a real understnding of Thompson’s prose. Heres the opening as it appeared in Rolling Stone in 1971.

In the often sanitized world of glossy corporate media propaganda,  the independent voice of Vice is a fresh expression of the raw truth in reporting. 

The VICE site has some amazing stories and interests, but also contains some adult content. Be responsible in your viewing.



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