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 The story of Red Bull is a very good example of the emergence of a new kind business enterprise thinking and Branding. Red Bull started out as an energy drink created in 1987 (sold 5.387 billion cans in 2013)   RedBull and now has become a Media Empire for founder Dietrich Mateschiz  Red Bull has expanded into Red Bull Media House covering everything from Extreme Sports, Sponsorship , Music and Brand Partnerships.Unknown This is media business at its most creative with the merger of a number of factors 1. Mateschiz establishes a new western drinks category RED BULL ENERGY DRINK created in 1987 with Thai drinks manufacturer Chaleo Yoovidhya– this gains a big market share over traditonal soft drinks. The brand used a very quirky animation campaign to get the message across. 2. Extreme Sports become popular as partipation and spectator events. These events need visability and sponsorship – Red Bull provides sponsorship money further expanding their global brand recognition. They also create high quality web videos of the events. 3. With the rise of mini action cameras like GOPRO  extreme sports gain further attraction around the world.  With software editng programs like Twixtor for super slow motion movement – example this from Mt Eden Dubstep 4. Red Bull decides that with its current market recognition through the energy drink & the produciton of high quality video Content that it should become a Media provider.  Two  major events they have recently sponsored are Felix Baumgartner’s world record altitude jump from a ballon at 128,000 feet Redbull Stratos  and the film The Art of Flight movie Generic Brand Commercial : THE WORLD OF RED BULL – The only limit is the one you place on yourself … This brand is very similar to the Nike slogan of Just Do it ! The common thread is ENERGY and THRILL,  it all started out with a drink. When we look at how this relates to Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs we see that the Red Bull brand like NIKE is aimed at Self Esteem & Self Actualisation.

Red Bull’s job hiring ethos is :

We are globally 8000 individuals who have been granted an opportunity and who want to produce the best work we can. In all our roles we look at what we produce and ask…

Profit is not our driver, it’s chasing our potential. It’s giving wings to people and ideas. Thank you for taking the time to look inside the World of Red Bull.



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