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S.O.P.A, P.I.P.A & the remix online culture : the war on content & creativity

Very briefly there was a move to restrict internet freedom in the USA via the S:O:P:A STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT and the PROTECT IP act Both acts are reactions by companies to protect INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY which is the point of view that creativity is the property of the who ever who owns it.

There is a continuing war going on between big publishing companies who own the copyright to MUSIC , FILM & IMAGES and on line content providers like BLOGGERS – you & me – or who has access to a website and can publish content on the Internet.

This has to do with Copying

to be discussed. Do you agree with the message of this video ?

This also brings up the issue of the REMIX CULURE  in society.

Here are a series of videos that explore this – notice in the YOUTUBE version the audio track has been muted

These videos have been made by KIRBY FERGUSON of

Here on VIMEO is the video series with the audio track intact

The other videos in the excellent series are on his vimeo channel EVERYTHING IS A REMIX 

This is particularly important to understand in todays online world and especially if you are a creative artist.


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