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Science – Technology – Culture

3 things connect : Science gives us the knowledge that technology uses to create sensory extension devices that connect people.

Personal computers came from Scientic discoveries in digital information – via the internet the Technology of mobile devices allow us to go online – Facebook allows us to connect with others via the WEB.

Facebook is an example of an online Culture, a socal media network, but it would not be possible without technology and the science behind digital devices.

Keep this in mind in Media studies we are dealing with Science, Technolgy & Culure, in our modern society they are all inter connected via the Information Highway.

Technology is simply an extension of our senses.Cell phones allow us to hear people at a distance, skype permits us to hear and see them. A camera magnifies the eyes seeing abilities to record an image, the internet extends our information storage & retrival capacity.

Interestingly the Military has given us many of the scientific breakthroughs in information technology.
The WEB came from an early US Department of Defence idea of establishing access to global information if we went post nuclear in World War 3.

This is like the Roman army building roads for troop warfare transport which later became used as free roads for every Roman citzen to travel.

The Global Positioning System GPS satellite mapping technology has been integrated into cell phones as a location option. Originally it was used in missile targeting in war.Google satellite mapping is another Google Earth

In some passports there is now a computer chip that recognises your biometric data, so when you travel internationally customs offficials in airports can confirm that you are the passport holder. Originally this technology was used as a surveillence measure in terrorist detection.

Many global companies are funded by the Military Industrial Complex to develop cutting edge science that results in amazing technology for civilian use but also for war applications.

Remember pure science knowledge does not discriminate what its application will be used for. Electicity can be used to shock somebody or light your house.

More on the relationship between Science Technology Culture coming ….


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