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INTRO TO : CONTENT CONNECTS : a jedi media knight’s handbook

Students, here is the introduction to a handbook i am writing about this course. Its called CONTENT CONNECTS. It will be available to read as a study guide early next year. See you again Jan 2013.


This is a handbook for Jedi Media Knights, it contains information taken from the first MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS course i taught at El Papalote School in Playa del Carmen Mexico 2011/2012. I began writing this essentially for the graduate class of 2011, however future students of this course may use it for their studies, as this essential study content will be included in all future media communications courses.

Breaking news events that have academic media relevance will be integrated into the program, in this way the course stays alive to the world’s emergent news events. We will study the way the media mediates these events, as they happen in real time. We will analyze how information flows & grows in importance, and how it is distorted through bias & through the medium itself. News examples  studied during the last course were the 1st & 2nd phases of the Arab Spring, Swine Flu Mexico, OWS, YO SOY 132, WIKILEAKS & Kony 2012.

CONTENT CONNECTS is arranged as a quick reference handbook to assist you on your journey along the information super highway of life. This highway is still a very new frontier on the overall map of communication, but the digital information world has established itself faster than any other techno/cultural transformational shift in human history.

You have never known a time with out it so it will be important that you get to understand this media revolution in a wider context. CONTENT CONNECTS will provide you the bigger picture of the way in which information through media has evolved over time.

I stated in the very first class that there are 2 reasons why we should study media. The secondary reason was that it is a hip academic subject to study – learning about techno devices, culture, celebrity, media kings, brands, trends, advertising, viral videos, blogging, ect. However the primary reason that we study the media in the Jedi Media Academy is so that we can learn to access & interpret INFORMATION. In this world


and learning how to use it wisely is the task of every Jedi Media Knight.

Information will inform all your decisions you make in life. The outcome of those decisions  are dependent on the quality of information you source, which will primarily be online, from the digital world, and of course from the people you interact with in your life. For this reason media studies has never been so important to the individual.

So what is at stake here is not just your academic progress but also your future. CONTENT CONNECTS provides you with a resource that contains the most important things i cover in class about the nature of the Media and how to use it wisely.

It is important to remember that we are information processing beings and the quality of the information we possess & process, determines the kind of life we live. As a species we are wired to share information about the world and ourselves, you have witnessed the expansion of Facebook, Twitter and Blogs, these emergent mediums are taking over from traditional print & broadcast information mediums. Access to information is power, power to do cool things for yourself and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

CONTENT CONNECTS is primarily directed to my students at El Papalote, but i hope it will have a wider digital audience for any teenager who realizes the importance of the medium and its message.

May the Force Be You !


Mexico spring 2012


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