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ways of seeing : The Image culture

We are going to get back to the importance of Photography and the Image in daily life. I want to introduce you to a short documentary of a book i read a long time ago called Ways of Seeing by John Berger about western cultural aesthetics. Here is an extract from the book  

From Wiki

The book Ways of Seeing was made by Berger and Dibb, along with Sven Blomberg, Chris Fox, and Richard Hollis.[1] The book consists of seven numbered essays: four using words and images; and three essays using only images.[1] The book has contributed to feminist readings of popular culture, through essays that focus particularly on depictions of women in advertisements and oil paintings.[2] Ways of Seeing is considered a seminal text for current studies of visual culture and art history.

The first part of the television series drew on ideas from Walter Benjamin‘s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproductionarguing that through reproduction an Old Master‘s painting’s modern context is severed from that which existed at the time of its making. The second film discusses the female nude. Berger asserts that only twenty or thirty old masters depict a woman as herself rather than as a subject of male idealisation or desire. The third programme is on the use of oil paint as a means of depicting or reflecting the status of the individuals who commissioned the work of art. In the fourth programme, on publicity and advertising, Berger argues that colour photography has taken over the role of oil paint, though the context is reversed. An idealised potential for the viewer (via consumption) is considered a substitution for the actual reality depicted in old master portraits.

Here is the 1st episode of the BBC tv show from 1972 this program overlaps culture media & art.

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Here is a great documentary The Genius of PhotographyThe Genius of Photography


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