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Great info graphic on the internet from  – check out the posting there is a great video at the bottom of their page. SOME OF THE STATS ARE A LITTLE OLD BUT JUST THINK EXPONENTIAL GROWTH ! 
Here is a lecture from Singularity University on the state of the internet.
Thursday, May 10, 2012 10:15 am, Posted by  1SOCIAL MEDIA

The Fascinating State Of The Internet

There has been a steady flow of facts, figures, infographics, and videos pouring out across the web lately that attempt to describe just how vast the Internet is. Honestly, it’s a tough job. The Internet continues to explode every day and is still accelerating the rate of expansion. From the 30 hours of YouTube videos uploaded every minute to the 6 million Facebook views per minute, you’re not alone when thinking that the Internet is bonkers.

In The Classroom

But how do you actually explain all this to a classroom of students hugging their smartphones? What about a classroom of students that are a bit younger and not yetaddicted acclimated to the size and power of the web? In an effort to curate some of the content to explain the vastness of the web, I’ve attempted to assemble a few visual resources that would be really useful in a classroom.

For example, you can quiz students on how many new LinkedIn accounts they think are started every single minute… or how much data (in terms of GB) is transferred in 60 seconds around the web. I’m guessing most students won’t be able to come up with numbers large enough. In any case, use the following visualizations as a guide. The first one is the newest and most appropriate.

Share Your Favorites

Then share, enjoy, and learn from them. Want to add your own? Just mention them on our Edudemic Facebook page and we’ll update this post!

2011 Internet-In-A-Day

2010 Internet-In-A-Day

The Size of the Internet in 2010


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