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It was just a matter of time before a movie would combined major super heroes together to fight for a common cause.

What do our fascination & fixation with super heroes say about our culture? The Avengers apparently took 200 million $ at the box office in its opening weekend- some kind of record i believe for a movie opening.

to be discussed

WIKI’S Categories of superheroes

Plastic Man‘s shapeshifting abilities have often been used for humorous effect. Plastic Man #17 (May 1949). Cover art by Jack Cole.

Individual superheroes can be categorized by archetypes, based upon their power set. Many heroes fit into more than one category. Examples of superhero archetype categories include the following.

A hero whose main ability is great control over his/her body, granting above average strength, stamina and reflexes. Usually depicted as medium-size to small frame persons, they can be either humans with extensive training (RobinDaredevil) or superpowered beings (Spider-ManThe CreeperNightcrawler).
A character whose main skill is flight, either by his/her own means (AngelHawkman,Zauriel) or because he/she is a very capable pilot (BlackhawkEnemy Ace).
Armored Hero
gadgeteer without personal superpowers, using powers generated from a suit ofpowered armor; e.g., Iron ManS.T.R.I.P.E. and Steel.
A character possessing massive superstrength and near-indestructibility and, for males, usually an oversized muscular body. One of the most powerful of the superhero archetypes; e.g., The HulkLoboHe-ManThe Thing and Colossus.
A hero whose main power is a distance attack, usually an “energy blast“, this is the most common of the superhero archetypes; e.g., Black LightningCyclopsHuman Torch,Invisible WomanStarfireStaticThe Ray.
A hero who usually gains powers from wielding magical or sci-fi items, such as swords (King ArthurHe-manLion-OBlack KnightShining Knight), wands (Sailor Moon), rings (Green Lantern), wrist bands (Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics)) or other items generally worn on the chest (Power Rangers), arm region (Ben 10), or neck (Card Captors). This category also includes the hero who is bestowed with powers from some sort of enchantment (Captain Marvel (DC Comics)) or by human enhancement (Captain America).
A hero with demonic powers who fights against other demonic characters (BladeGhost RiderSpawnWerewolf by Night) or being a demon his/herself willing to protect humanity (EtriganHellboyHellstorm).
A hero which powers were granted by a deity (DeadmanPhantom StrangerThe CrowThe SpectreWonder WomanZauriel) or for being a deity his/herself (AresHighfatherHerculesThor).
blaster who possesses the ability to generate a vast amount of energy (KiChakra, etc.). Mostly associated with anime and manga heroes (Son GokuPegasus SeiyaNaruto UzumakiYusuke Urameshi, etc.), they can summon vast reserves of energy during combat, growing in power as they train or when pushed to their limits. Some have even been known to “Henshin” into wilder versions of themselves (Super SaiyanNine-Tailed Forms, etc.). This category can also extend to characters who have the ability to absorb, hold, or redirect energy as well as discharge it, absorb the properties of matter, or absorb DNA to gain a being’s powers (Amazing ManBishopGambitKevin LevinRogue).
A hero who controls some natural element or part of the natural world; e.g., Storm (weather), Magneto (magnetism), Phoenix (cosmic fire; life & death), Swamp Thing (vegetation), Human Torch and Green Flame (fire), Iceman and Ice (ice), Red Tornado (wind) orAnimal Man and Vixen (animal kingdom avatars).
A hero linked somehow to the animal kingdom, granting him/her animalistic abilities and strengths either by power summoning (Animal ManVixen), having animal traits granting them bestial abilities (WolverineDr. Hank McCoySabretooth), shapeshifting (Beast BoyCongo BillTimber Wolf) or being normal humans with empathic control over beasts (TarzanRima the Jungle Girl,B’wana Beast).
A hero who invents or wields special equipment that often imitates superpowers, but has no personal super powers; e.g., Nite Owl,TarantulaBlue BeetleGreen Lantern, and Catwoman.
A hero with ghost-like abilities: either invisibility (such as Invisible Woman and Red Tornado); intangibility (such as Shadowcat andThe Vision); or both (such as DeadmanGhostMartian Manhunter and The Spectre).
A hero who is able to quickly recover from serious injury; e.g., LoboThe CrowThe DoctorWolverine. This may also be a hero whose primary ability is to heal others; e.g., AngelElixirShe-Ra.
A hero who is trained in the use of magic, another one of the most powerful of the superhero archetypes; e.g., Doctor FateDoctor StrangeScarlet WitchZatanna.
A hero related to the seas, usually depicted as stronger and more resilent than human beings (AquamanNamorPopeye) or normal humans with skill and experience underwater (Sea Devils) and as seamen (Lance O’Casey).
A hero who uses projectile weapons, typically gunsbows and arrowsboomerangs or throwing blades; e.g., Crimson AvengerGreen ArrowHawkeyeJon SableJonah Hex and Vigilante.
Martial Artist
A hero whose physical abilities are mostly human, rather than superhuman, but whose hand-to-hand combat skills are phenomenal. Some of these characters are actually superhuman (Iron FistLuke Cage), while others are human beings who are extremely skilled and athletic (Bronze TigerRichard DragonThe QuestionShang ChiRick FlagWildcat).
Matter Manipulator
A hero with the power to alter the molecular structure of matter (Captain AtomDoctor ManhattanFirestorm and Silver Surfer).
Mechanical Hero
A hero related to technology, this category includes cyborgs (RoboCopVic Stone), remote controlled robots (BoxBozo the Iron Man) but mostly automatons with advanced AI (Autobots, the original Human TorchInfiltration Unit ZetaMetal MenRed Tornado,The Vision).
Mecha/Robot Pilot
A hero who controls a giant robot, a subtype common in Japanese superhero and science fiction media (GundamRobotech,Mazinger Z) as well as American versions e.g., Megas XLRBig Guy.
A hero who possesses psionic abilities, such as telekinesistelepathy and extra-sensory perception; e.g., Professor XEmma Frost,PhoenixKelly BaileyMartian ManhunterRaven and Zatanna.
Metal Hero
A mainly space and police-based superhero who typically takes the form of an android, cyborg, or a human who dons a “metallic” suit. Henceforth, most of the Metal Heroes are also referred to as “Henshin (transforming) Heroes.” They usually feature futurist or space age technology, vehicles, or weapons to fight monsters, high-tech gangs, extra-dimensional despots, or galactic crime barons. Examples include the Space Sheriffs (ShaiderSharivan, and Gavan), Beetle Fighters (Juukou B-Fighter and B-Fighter Kabuto), and Special Rescue Teams (ExceedraftWinspector, and Solbrain)
Militarized Warrior
Technically a combination between a martial artist and a marksman or a gadgeteer, either working within the armed forces (Captain AmericaCol. Nick FuryJames BondSgt. Rock) or as a freelance (BatmanThe PunisherWild Dog).
A hero who possesses the basic powers of super-strength, flight and invulnerability. They are considered to be the most powerful of the superhero archetypes. Consisting of such heroes as the extraterrestrial Superman and Gladiator, the god Thor, the magically fueled Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman, or the solar/photokinetic Sentry.
A hero who harbors an entity internally, which may be related to the divine or the demon archetypes; e.g., EtriganGhost RiderThe CrowThe Spectre.
Reality Changer
Often a comedic hero whose set of powers include cartoon-like alterations of reality itself in his/her behalf (Big HeadFreakazoid!).
A hero who rides a powerful vehicle, e.g. LoboGhost Rider or the Silver Surfer; or rides a unique creature, like Black Knight orShining Knight.
A hero who can manipulate his/her own body to suit his/her needs, such as stretching (Plastic ManMister FantasticElongated Man), or disguise (Changeling/MorphMystique). Other such shapeshifters can transform into animals (Beast Boy), alien creatures (Ben 10), inorganic materials (Metamorpho) or all of these things (Martian Manhunter).
blaster whose power is contained in the vocal chords (BansheeBlack Canary).
Size Changer
shapeshifter who can alter his/her size; e.g., the Atom and The Wasp (shrinking only), Colossal Boy and Atom Smasher (growth only), Hank Pym (both).
A hero whose main power is some form of hand-to-hand cutting weapon—either devices, such as knives or swords, (Deadpool,ElektraBlade) or natural, such as claws or fangs (WolverineTimber WolfWerewolf by Night).
A hero possessing superhuman speed and reflexes; e.g., The FlashQuicksilverSonic.
Super Genius/Master Mind
A hero possessing superhuman/superior intelligence or intellect; e.g., Professor XWeaselForgeBrainiac 5Dr. Hank McCoy,Mister Fantastic, the teenager ToymanThe Doctor.
Technically a type of Super Genius, but mainly someone who relies more on keen observation skills and deductive reasoning, often depicted as a very capable two-fisted fighter; e.g., Sherlock HolmesThe QuestionHuman TargetElongated ManGreen Hornet,RorschachVan Helsing.
A hero who is able to teleport from point A to point B. Some teleport due to their own body chemistry (such as Nightcrawler), others teleport via telekinetic energy (such as Mysterio II).
Time Traveller
A hero with the ability to manipulate time itself. This category includes standard time traveler (Waverider, and Curtis Donovan), characters who manipulate the flow of time so as to either slow time down or to speed it up (Tempo and Hiro Nakamura), and characters (Phoenix and The Doctor) who travel through space as well as time.

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