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Now that you all have seen the film lets begin to look at the way in which the media has mediated this story.

A box full to the brim with KONY 2012 campaign posters at Invisible Children's HQ

A visiblechildren tumblir site critical of Kony 2012

MSN report featuring an interview with the film maker

Aljazeera report & a negative reaction from the citizens of Northern Uganda

CNN report makes the point that Kony has been reported on many times

BBC report

Wall Street Journal



CBC report notes that this is not journalism but activism


Jack Shafer from Reuters – this is about the most negative but he has some valid points

Report from the Telegraph on the Ugandan point of view

Mashable Interesting piece on Slacktivism  – expressed on line support for a cause via liking, sharing content & re tweeting

NPR  How teenagers learned to hate Joseph Kony


Assignment : How has KONY 2012 been covered in the Mexican media?


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