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ABOVE MAGAZINE : Great Design Great Content

I have blogged on this site before. I really admire the design layout & content of Above Magazine . It started  as a printed magazine but now has gone ipad on line.

Their Mission statement;

Save The Beautyabove magazine
Above Magazine and Above Live

Our Mission Statement
Responding to the urgent need for sustainable living, Above Magazine and Above Live call upon the environmentally conscious and everyone else interested in the future by sharpening our focus on the endangered beauty of the world.

Above Live will be the first social network dedicated to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Above Magazine, printed bi-annually, will remain a gallery-quality publication showcasing sustainable initiatives and focusing on photography, fine art, fashion, beauty, food, health technology, travel, architecture and design.

Above Magazine and Above Live are made by and for people who recognize that the true appeal of beautiful objects and places derives from their inherent rarity and fragility. For this global community, “desirable” typically means “simple” rather than “extravagant”, and living more responsibly is a vital— and attainable — goal .

Above Live and Above Magazine address a new kind of lifestyle. Our inspiration lies in the ever-so-diverse beauty of men and women, the preciousness of the earth, and the challenges and opportunities of the future. We are committed to promoting an art of living that improves the environment without depriving daily life of its intrinsic pleasures. Among our contributors are some of the world’s great artists and thinkers, helping us to showcase the splendors of a vanishing world and reminding us of the immediate need to safeguard what remains of it.

Because, like Dostoyevsky, we believe that “beauty will save the world”.

Nicolas Rachline


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