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OK here are some samples of Information competing for peoples Attention.

The news link from the Guardian Newspaper in the UK with other front page headlines of the Swine Flu story

Heres some TV Network Information on the safety of cell phones on the brain

ABC news

interesting use of the words Radiation & Radio Frequencies by the doctor : Cell Phone Radiation

CNN news

The Media is often the battle field to investigate the spin propaganda advertising of companies say like  Monsanto   A  Fastcompany report & the film they refere to in the report

Exposing the truth about big tobacco companies in the film The Insider (dir Michael Mann) At the 2.20 mark it is revealed that the real purpose of cigarettes is to deliver addictive amounts of nicotine into the body. This 60 minutes story never was aired due to big corporate relationships, which perhaps was 2nd breaking news story of the film. 

Here is propaganda from the 7 CEO’S of the major cigarette brands in the USA denying that nicotine is addictive after they have directly engineered cigarettes chemically to be addictive, as revealed by The Insider.

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