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THE ART OF FLIGHT : snow boarding & base jumping: RADICAL RED BULL SPONSORSHIP

If Red Bull was a sports shoe it would be Nike, both brands are committed to pushing the envelope of  human performance in sport. Here are 2  examples of how RED BULL have branded themselves as a global media X treme sports identity 1. with this snow boarding film THE ART OF FLIGHT  

and 2. with ultimate base jumper Felix Baumgartner

Notice how RedBull is featured in both campaigns.

From their @redbull Red Bull is the only Energy Drink that #GivesYouWings. Got a big idea? Get a bigger one. Then share it at Red Bull Launchpad – your dream could become reality. Here is a link to the Red Bull Media House Red Bull Mediahouse

Here is their You Tube channel check out the promo at the beginning of the Crashed Ice event in St Paul.


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