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We have begun to look into this subject of Design and as you saw from last week  it encompasses the artifacts in human life, what is in our world from a simple paper clip to the Space Shuttle. As students of media we have to understand that there are design elements inherent to information itself. I want to begin focussing on the following with online information transfer because you all have active blogs, by the way you can think of your blog as an Inception Device!

1. As consumers/producers of information bare in mind that the web is an information experience, like a book but way different, and as such should be enjoyable, informative & inspirational.

2. This means that you need to keep a reader relaxed & focussed. The attention span of information consumers these days is at a minimal level, and so we are essentially competing not for $ but for attention.

3. You need to make sure that your message is CLEAR, CONCISE & in CONTEXT 

4. Your have 5 online delivery systems to convey information : TEXT, GRAPHIC DESIGNS , IMAGES ,VIDEOS & MUSIC. There are many information fx programs like flash that seek to retain the viewers attention.

5. The balance between text, image & space is going to be an important consideration, we have discussed the zen design dictum of  Less is More

6. Remember that the eye automatically tracks movement, gifs make use of this as a Inception Device

7.  We designing for a screen format with a key board interface, don’t forget that. Its a device.


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