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To continue our current theme of : DESIGN MATTERS & GREAT DESIGN MAKES A DIFFERENCE !

State of the art presenter of information graphics Has Rosling on the development of the world.

This comes via PresentationZen‘s Garr Reynolds Dr. Hans Rosling is one of my presentation heroes; he’s been featured or mentioned in all my books and several times on over the years. If there is a Jedi Master of presenting data clearly, visually, and simply, then it is Hans. He proves time and time again, that data are not dull—and when you are trying to change the world, there is no excuse for boring presentations. Most people are aware of Dr. Rosling through his popular TED Talks, but just in case you’ve never seen him present, below is a nice 5-minute piece he did on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS. At you’ll find many video presentations and articles on Hans Rosling.

Here is another statistic presentation by Hans with the aid of his info graphic technology – what makes this presentation great is the design of the animation & his enthusiasm. 


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