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NATURE, MUSIC & TECHNOLOGY : Bjork’s Biophilia

 You may know that Icelandic singer Bjork has an album out called Biophilia  I am not so interested here in the project as just music, but what she has integrated with it for the consumer – its an App making it an interactive experience on an ipad.Here is a recent demonstration on the Colbert show via Maria Popova   Other multi media artists who have integrated cutting edge technology into their music are Brian Eno & Laurie Anderson

From Bjork : for me the project is a continuation of volta and whereas volta is more about anthropology, this is kind of without humans and both zooming out like the planets but also zooming in into the atoms and in that way aesthetically sympathising with sound and how sound moves and physics of sound and how notes in a room behave, how they bounce off walls and between objects and its kind of more similar to how planets and microscopic things work.

This may turn some fans onto the beauty of science, interesting that she has the famous naturalist David Attenborough on the album.




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