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                Following up on our analysis of the Half Time in America (TVC) television commercial   i want to give you 6 things to consider with future deconstructions of TVC’s

1st : As you watch the ad watch how YOU personally react to it. What are your first impressions at a gut intuitive level, how does it make you feel? An ad has to emote to have any persuasive capacity, from this ‘feeling’ you are going to make intellectual but emotionally informed decisions.

2nd : Ask yourself what level of Mazlow’s  hierarchy of human desires is this ad plugging me into ? there may be overlapping domains here.

3rd : Identify what Brand/Product is being featured in the ad. It sometimes is not so obvious (the half time ad is a good example of this) and note what medium you are seeing the ad. In half time it was the TV medium (if you watched it live) 

4th : Differentiate the message from the product, so that you are not blind to what the real call to action is. (in the half time ad – is the call to action We can become great again if we get off our butts & work? or is it Go buy a new Chrysler now?

5th : Be aware of the Power of Metaphors & Icons : In the half time ad the everyday struggle of life was replaced with its half time in a football game ( which was half time in the Superbowl when it was show on NBC, no accident there)  The notion being is that if coach Eastwood says we can do it – We Can ! 

6th : Before you react on impulse to buy or try something new ask yourself WHY do i need to do this, what is its purpose & meaning in my life?

And a 7th point to consider : Remember your destiny is built on the smart decisions you make in life based on the best information you can get, about what is really going on. That information comes largely from the MEDIA.

 The power of movie cinematography has an incredible capacity to move people emotionally, and when used in advertising it has the deep and profound effect on the decisions you will make. You can well imagine the effect of the Half Time in America TVC on a patriotic US audience who are already emotionally charged up with their team in the Super Bowl battle. I was filming in a Sports Bar on Super Bowl Sunday and i can tell you it was very passionate & intense in there. 

Bottom line is to switch on your Light Sabre Mind inside the Medium, to unravel the Meaning from the Message …



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