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           Last week i watched the DLD conference live streamed from Munich in Germany. It had some very interesting speakers discussing the state of the world through digital eyes, one speaker i thought you should know about is  Jason Silva I love the way he inspires people about science & technology, creative culture, imagination & the future, he does it in the form of a Video Epiphany Rap. The Singularity he talks about is something you can begin to research.

Here’s what the D.L.D blog had to say about him.

Performance philosopher and techno-optimist Jason Silva during his presentation on the main stage.

 Film maker and self-proclaimed techno-optimist, Jason Silva, presented his newest project at the DLD12; a series of short-form documentaries that explore the co-evolution of humans and technology in an artful and visually impressive manner.

Silva’s energetic performance immediately caught the attention of the audience, and the energy was soon projected on to the big screens, as the presentation went underway.

With impression, awe and visually captive screenplay being key components in Silva’s work, the young film-maker openly admitted that he was on a mission to inspire with his fast-paced video productions.

“The future is ours to create and ours to dream,” Silva said. “What I am trying to communicate with these videos, which are non-commercial shots of philosophical espresso, is to convey the awe and the wonder, because ideas only resonate when we feel something.”

The video on display for the presentation was called “Imagination” and is one of several from Silva’s own creative hand.

All have the same simple purpose; to inspire awe and to convey the message that when it comes to humanity and progress, we are only limited by one thing, and that is our own imagination.

Here are his 2 conference presentations 




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