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COPY WRITE & COPYRIGHT : The new intellectual content grey zone

The recent discussion on S.O.P.A. led us to examine what constitutes free access, what is copyright, and what is ownership in this new digital medium, ok here are 2 new contentious grey zones that are emerging in this war about creative control. Read up on both of these issues, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here a 2 recent examples of the grey zone one in publishing & one in photography.

1. This is a free Apple app that will allow you to compose & design a book. You write the book and it will allow you to publish it as a E book, now heres the condition that Apple imposes, they want a % of any money you receive from the distribution of your book. Is this fair? Here’s a report against  I havent made up my mind yet.iBooks Author

 But its a bit like Gutenberg wanting a cut from Shakespeare when he sells his plays because Shakespeare

printed them on a

Gutenberg printing press ( i know they lived at different times but you get my point …)


is the Apple App agreement fair because  your book was made possible on Apple software and therefore it is part of what makes a book salable  ie the design & layout.  As we know Apple’s design sense is amazing but should Apple be rewarded from sales of your manuscript ?

2.  A court in England recently ruled in favor of a commercial advertising poster having the right to the idea of a ‘composition’ of a photograph. I want you to read the story here and tell me what you think.


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