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For the first part of this semester in 2012 here are some of the subjects we will be studying:

1. The new merger of the Word & the Image in Mobile devices (read previous post)

2. Further analysis of audio visual media advertising with respect to Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs

3. Political media campaigns

4. The technological connect/disconnect in culture

5. Marshall McLuhan why he is still relevant

6.  Digital image making as the 1st online global social media art form

7. Branding with social media

8. The Media as Histography

9. The evolution of language

10. Everything is a Remix

11. Online dramas designed to sell placed products

12. Social media : privacy v  control

* Your individual media project will be to examine and then report on the way in which media has been used in a future field of further study for you at university, or a work field that you wish to enter after school finishes this year.

eg Pablo you need to study the way in which the Berkley Collage of Music has used the media for promotion & public relations on face book, twitter, Youtube, print publishing ect,  then Blog a report

* Media production wise Jedi Media tv will continue with current projects, i will assist with filming & editing. Pre production needs to be more planned and a shooting script must be produced.


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