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THE MORALE OF THE STORY … as an ad for Coca-Cola

Ok here is the ad i was talking about in class from a Coca – Cola Campaign in Portugal. I want you have a look at it from the perspective of Maslow’s Hierarchy of human needs.

Also notice in this message the following things:

1. It begins with a rhetorical ? to engage the viewers attention ‘What would you do …’ (text in white on red)


      2. Notice the home side BENFICA wears red & white – an obvious color recall tie in here 

3. Watch carefully and see where the Coca-Cola brand logo appears in the film

4. Notice the tone of the music how it starts slow and then builds.

5. Notice how the camera focuses only on the people who hand in the wallet

6. Note  how with the 95% of people text to screen the music tempo changes – into a triumphant feel good association to the brand ( again text white on red)

7. Notice how they reward this honest behavior 1st by clapping the participants then by giving them tickets to the game

8. Did you see what they were drinking in the store : you guessed it …

9. Note how the association ‘COKE IS GOOD’ carries over to the crowd in the football stadium magnifying the appreciation in the store by x thousands 

10. ‘THERE ARE REASONS TO BELIEVE IN A BETTER WORLD’ is the tag line at the end- why because that is the top of Maslow’s Pyramid – Self Actualization …. meaning everyone (you the viewer) can display this kind of morale behavior and, lets drink Cola Cola as we do it …. projected meaning – Do the right thing – Drink Coca Cola !

A Brilliant campaign : We will discuss a further breakdown analysis of Function & Fantasy in a future class

Thanks to Rohn Jay Miller  for the heads up.


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