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Any investigator looking  into the role of Advertising in society should understand the basis of human drive & desire. The psychologistAbraham Maslow did much of the early 

work on this and concluded that there is a Hierarchy of Human Needs. Among other researchers into developmental psychology he understood that there are stages of growth in humans, and that this growth was fulfilled by certain needs. He arranged these needs in the form of a pyramid.To derive this model Maslow studied exemplary people of his time & the top 1% of a collage student population and found that there were 2 kinds of needs that were driven by 2 different kinds of motivation. The first …


Are the basic needs of the body and emotional needs to maintain a healthy life. To survive first and foremost but to thrive. These needs must be met before the next drive is expressed in the form of  …


These needs are for what he called SELF ACTUALIZATION they are Meta Needs in the sense that once survival is taken care of and a person is living a well adjusted life there is a desire for something  more, a desire to reach ones full potential as a human being. To become everything that one is capable of becoming in a human life. These needs are placed on top of the pyramid. 


 This is something we will be discussing in detail in class, but you can already see for example that if your self esteem needs are not being met then an advertising message for a beauty product may fulfill that particular desire. Here are examples of products and services targeted by advertising  messages that promise fulfillment of needs.

Can you place them in a category need fulfilled in Mazlow’s hierarchy?


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