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MEDIA ARTISTS : Multi Mediums

If Leonardo da Vinci were alive today it would be a safe bet to say that he would find new innovative ways to use the mediums of image, text & sound to create new works of art. Of course the Medium doesn’t have to be the Message § in works of art sometimes a painting is just a painting , no hidden meaning in canvas and paint, its just a picture.

When you begin to combine the mediums sight, sound & text and then add say, an interactivity capability, a simple medium is transformed into something new as a mode of message delivery for meaning to take place.

In one sense the idea of combining Media isn’t new.

Text + Images = A Newspaper, Moving Images + Sound = A Movie, Moving Images + Sound + Text = A TV Advertisement  …

But with the recent re-invention of Multi Media as an art the mixing of content forms has something produced something quite new.

Technology drives this development in a big way. I will soon devote a posting to dictum that Technology Creates Behavior §§ as i have brought it up in class many times with its counterpart proposition that We are wired for Technology and therefore our behavior creates technology.

Regardless of our predisposition to technology some artists make better use of it than others.

Here are some creative Multi Media artists

Brian Eno 77 Million Paintings

Peter Greenaway Peopling the Palaces at Venaria Reale

Laurie Anderson Interview with ABC radio national in Sydney ‘VIVID ‘Multi Media Festival (interesting we are watching a radio program – this is an example of the way in which the mediums have combined on the web)

Other notable pop artists who have created multi media artforms

bjork david bowie david byrne

(§ i allude here to the Media Theorist Marshall McLuhan’s famous dictum of THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE

we will come to this dude soon)

(§§ Technology Creates Behavior… dictum by Danish technology entrepreneur Bo Nielsson)


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