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COMMUNICATION : The Graphic Display of Information #2

Clarity & simplicity are important guide lines in the presentation of complex information. Take a look at the way in which Bill Gates from Microsoft displays information & Steve Jobs presents his. Bill Gates is making a point with a cluttered background of complex information, Steve Jobs is making his point with a simple powerful clean graphic behind him. Steve Jobs will keep his audience focussed and attentive to his message because he is not over loading them with visual information.

Here is a very good website on the visual display of information by Garr Reynolds, he specializes in improving digital communication skills using a Zen approach to design & presentation. 

If any of you go on to become Graphic Artists you will encounter Edward Tufte he is the master of the art of graphic information design. In a complex world the subject of visual information is a key link between our tenet that GOOD INFORMATION = SMART DECISIONS. The work of Edward Tufte  Garr Reynolds & others in the field becomes very important. Books by Garr Reynolds & Edward Tufte.


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