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MEDIA COGNITION : New findings on Left/Right Brain Functions

I mentioned awhile back about the way in which we decode information from either text or from images using different parts of our brain. It was traditional understood that our linear, rational, linguistic, mathematical capabilities resided in the left side of the brain and our more intuitive artistic holistic musical capabilities resided in the right side of the brain. The conclusion that came from this is that the left hemisphere was the masculine side of the brain and the right hemisphere was the more feminine side of the brain.

It turns out that this understanding of the roles of the divide brain has been revised, and that specific thinking functions are more evenly distributed all over the brain, rather than in one specific area.But what does emerge from these new findings from Dr Iain McGilchrist is that the left side is the area we use for detailed focusing on pieces of information and the right side is used for the contextual big picture view. 

While we are on the subject of cognition i should mention The Matrix which has now become an icon culture film for its references to ‘What is real?’

his is a clip from a great documentary on Philosophy & The Matrix

If you are interested heres the full documentary on Philosophy & The Matrix


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