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ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE : 2nd Life as a Media Performance Space

Here is where performance has slipped into a totally different realm of expression – Second Life is an on line Virtual World that allows performers to become imaginary characters and live out a 2nd life persona in cyberspace.

The pr text reads

1.An escape into the internets largest virtual community.

2.  Who will you meet in second life?

3.Where will you explore ?

4. Who will you be?

5.What will you discover?

6. Anything is possible in second life …

You can see how attractive & seductive this alternative might be for someone who is dissatisfied with their real life, or does it provide a creative imaginative outlet for people who wish to express their unfulfilled desires? Below is a video of some ones second life. You can see the similarities with the film Avatar. So do we want to create a second life on Pandora? The thing is that communication is going on in second life,  information is been transfered, in this sense the medium is incidental, human consciousness is connecting.


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