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CITY LIGHTS : Urban Communications : Building the Message

Buildings that Twitter? The new technology of LED screens has turned the facades of buildings into a new medium for communication.

The Grand Indonesia Tower is covered with 60,000 sq feet of LED displays. This kind of building message wrap is becoming more obvious in big cities around the world.

Ok you got to ask where does the planning /negotiations begin with architects to incorporate this technology onto the facade of a building? Its main purpose is for advertising , and perhaps for city art display.

Heres a little more info on high tech digital building wraps 

Scifi movies can often be an accurate guide to what the future is going to look like. 


In Ridley Scotts 1982 film Blade Runner set in 2019 there is a vision of Los Angeles that features a building with an LED screen wrap, featuring a woman eating, its an ad for something. Its certainly where i first saw a building turned into a message.


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