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CAUGHT IN THE WEATHER : Exposing Advertising Slick Traps

If you look at the Weather Channel  website you will see this. To the right you see a banner for a video about the worlds worst weatherman. You figure this is on the weather channel so maybe its some kind of documentary on the worlds worst weatherman. There is no indication that this video is a paid advertisement.

If you click on the video you will get this.An Ad for SUBARU. With a tag line that says ‘It doesn’t matter what the weather is if you own a Subaru.’

OK its slick even smart but does it work ? You have just tricked a potential consumer by this tactic. It puts the Weather Channel and the Brand in a not to be trusted light. Always remember a tv channel broadcasts to get advertising revenue, even though the weather report is seen as a kind of community service announcement .To be discussed. 


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