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JEDI MEDIA KNIGHTS : No Elephant Journalism!

Don’t mention the Elephant …

Jedi Media Knights who become investigative reporters, have a special role to play in that they have to point things out that no one wants to see or hear, or worse that people want to cover up.

photo David Blackwell

I am not talking about conspiracy theory  there are many conspiracy theorists out there writing rubbish to create a sensational kind of journalism that only creates fear. 

No doubt you are going to come up against some of this in your research on future assignments.

What i would like to point out in this posting are a few exceptional reporters who do point things out that no one wants to see.

There will always be what i call ELEPHANT JOURNALISM, reporters who write what they are told to write when its not true, who don’t question authority, writers who don’t do research, who don’t check facts, who manufacture a quasi truth that perpetuates the REALITY DISTORTION machine.

Reality Distortion is what results from the mediated content of Elephant Journalism. It is a fictitious world of spin & propaganda, it is in many ways what we call History as written by those who are in power to write it. In another sense its just another story, but an illusory one. Because the media has to pump out news on a 24/7 cycle it has a machine like quality to it because no one in the machine can stop it. 

While Jedi Media Knights might get some of their training inside the reality distortion machine, a Jedi Media Knight doesn’t do Elephant Journalism. As a result they eventually go rogue, independently seeking the truth.

Here are some courageous investigative reporters who say :

¨Bro wake up, there IS an Elephant in the Room !¨

1. John Pilger A documentary film maker who focusses on Gross Injustice in the world

2. Naomi Klein Investigative writer exposing the dark side of Brands & Disaster Capitalism 

3. Noam Chomsky  Linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist & professor at MIT main focus American Foreign Policy & its relation to the Media 

4. Christopher Hitchens  Investigative reporter and notable rogue polemicist &  intellectual 

5. Julian Assange While not  an investigative journalist by trade, he does deal in leaked ‘Information’ via his organization wikileaks Since its inception in 2006 it has changed the nature of investigative reporting on the internet, by giving reporters a back stage pass to access what would have been classified information on mal practices, cover ups & war crimes. 

6. Jon Stewart Comedy often contains stark truth that is revealed via the medium of humor thedailyshow is not a real news show, it is a parody of the news, but like the role of the court jester in the middle ages, it does have the freedom to make fun of the king & will disclose the elephant sitting next to him.

7. Matt Taibbi  Contributing editor at Rolling Stone magazine an investigative journalist on finance politics & media. His blogs on Rolling Stone 

8. Michael Moore Documentary film maker and author. Among many controversial  issues Moore has targeted the Iraq war, global finance, the American health care system & gun control. Moore received an Academy award for Fahrenheit 9/11 the worlds highest grossing documentary film.

Journalists killed 92- 2015Journalism can be a dangerous profession – Locations where journalists have been killed doing their jobs around the world 1992 – 2015 … Source thomsonreuters 


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