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THE ARTIFACTS OF CULTURE : # 1 Film & Movies Part 1

If an Anthropologist from Mars came to planet Earth in search of cultural artifacts he /she /it, at some point on the expedition would find countless artifacts of Film/DVD’s upon which would be recorded Images & Sound that told stories about the inhabitants of Earth. What significance does the above picture have with our global cultural obsession with Movies? In one word – STORY. It could be said that one of the cultural traits we have retained throughout our evolution is the significance  we place on telling & listening to Stories. We are a Story making species, whether its myths, legends, fairy tales, epic histories or mere gossip we love a story.

Who knows how the above scene played out, i didn’t see the movie 10,000 BC  but you can be sure if the cave man got out of this predicament alive he lived to tell the story of the day he killed / escaped from the sabre tooth tiger. 

Going to the Movies is the present version of sitting around the camp fire listening to the lucky bro who out witted the tiger. We spend a lot of $ on listening & watching stories been told.Check out the 100 highest grossing movies  Staggering the Billion$ spent !

Ok; we are wired for Story and the most popular media content is Movies. Interesting that for the most powerful movie experience you go into a dark cave and watch the light show.

Before can begin to talk about movies we have to talk about FILM its creation & development as a MEDIUM for a Story.

Of course before moving film became movies the Camera had to be invented take a quick look at wiki on Photography 

In the history of Technology it is a fairly recent invention. 

Here a first ever photo of a human being ?

Who was this dude ? Did he know he would end up in this blog ?

One thing for sure where ever mankind goes in the Universe we will record images.

Heres Earthrise from the moon,

and heres one from the surface of Mars.  

Photography is a powerful art form and one that has changed people’s perception about many things in the media.

But is wasn’t until it was realized that to record a representation of real life movement you had to view 24 frames (images) a second.

One of the first experiments was made by Eadweard J. Muybridge  

 When he recorded a horse trotting.

Read why he did this in Wiki …                                                        


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