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JEDI MEDIA KNIGHTS : New Training Focus

Let’s review the scope of this course now that we have had some exposure to Media/Communications Studies. The course will include the following basic Jedi Media Knight Training in : 


1. Understanding LANGUAGE  its origin & evolution.

2. Understanding the IMAGE its origins & evolution.

3. How we interpret WORD & IMAGE.

4. The relationship between INFORMATION & the DECISION making process. Good Information = Smart Decisions


1. To understand the relationship between the Message, the Medium & its Meaning.

2. Brief history from Cave Pictograms to Guttenberg to Wikipedia

3. Understand Psychological Human Communication Information Transfer 7% Words 38% Tone of Voice 55% Body Language


1. Understand how Technology creates new Cultural Behavior in Society

2. Brief history of Communication Technology from invention of Writing to ipads

3. As a research case understand Apple technology as a Global Transformational Device company.


1. CONTENT in Print, Broadcast & Internet

2. PRODUCTION in Print Broadcast & Internet

3. MEANING in Print Broadcast & Internet

4. Be able to identify Advertorial, Editorial, Infomertional content in Print & Broadcast

5. Understand who owns the Media and the Business of Media.

6. Understand what it is to be MEDIATED

7. Understand how the NEWS is created and distributed as a product that generates Advertising revenue.

8. Be able to identify Spin & Propaganda

9. Be able to compare & contrast the Tonality of News Reporting

10. Understand what a Journalist/Reporter does in the Media.

11.Understand the linear process of Media Production – Broadcast –  Consumption

12. Understand the Power of the Media, The Good The Bad & The Ugly. 


1. Web 2.0  – The Social Media

2. Web 3.0 – The Semantic Web 


1. Basic elements of design literacy in TYPOGRAPHY & LAYOUT


1. BLOGGING to achieve a personal passionate voice in blogging content that is informative, entertaining, provocative & inspiring.

2. Be able to design a Promotional Print Advertisement. Take a clients brief, create a concept, write a slogan, design a layout and present to client with full rational for decisions made.

3. Write a script for a 60 sec TV Commercial Advertisment

4. Produce, Direct, Edit your TV Commercial 


1. Montage Theory – The Russians, Sergei Eisenstein & Lev Kuleshov

2. Mise en Scene 

3. Development, Pre production, Production, Post Production & Distribution in commercial film making.

4. Visual analysis of certain directors including Kubrick, Tarkovsky, Mann, Scott, Jarmusch, Lean, Felini el al…

5. Cinematography’s Rule of 1/3rd’s – Composition – Light & Shade – the x y & Z axis – 

6. The fundamentals of Script Writing & the elements of a Story

7. Movie Genre & the relationship between Movies & Culture

8. A brief history of the Camera as an Image Generating Device.



1. INTEGRATE yourself as a Media Consumer & Producer within the domain / quadrants of Media Production, Media Message & Media Meaning.

2. Use the Media Compass to analyze any media content


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