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TECHNOLOGY : Back to the Future #1

Since we have just lost a great, now iconic techno innovator in Steve Jobs , i want to focus on the evolutionary power of Technology in the formation our Communications Culture.

The references above are to the movie 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY directed by Stanley Kubrick  if you have’t seen this movie, watch it, it was a ground breaking film made in 1968 based on a book by Arthur C. Clarke Part of its power as a film was to engage an audience with complex questions about our past and a possible future. Technology plays a bit part in this science fiction master piece. The video is from a scene early in the film where in one amazing film cut Kubrick depicts the evolution of Apes into Astronauts. THIS MONTAGE IS ALL ABOUT TECHNOLOGY. You will have to see the film to understand ‘Dave … i’m afraid i can’t do that..’

OK heres a link to a writer researcher Kevin Kelly He is one of the worlds foremost experts on technology, what it is, when it started, where its going & what it wants , yeh what it might want if it ever gains a consciousness. Here is a TEDTALK (brilliant technology entertainment design lectures link) he gave on technology.


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