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POLITICS & PROPAGANDA: urban communications #4

Here’s a cool TV ad  from APPLE back in 1984 to celebrate the release of the innovative Macintosh Computer. Orwell’s prophetic book 1984 features as the backdrop to the narrative.

In the non democratic countries the thing you won’t find is corporate advertising, the corporation and there is only one, IS the political party and the CEO is the party dictator. The communications imagery used usually glorifies the leader as some kind of deity.

 Communications from the leader to the people is mediated via a propaganda department. There is no free speech meaning there can be no media oppositional voice to the government, either from radio, print or TV. The internet is usually controlled. 

We have seen in recent times that the Internet has played a significant communications role in bringing about changes in autocratic governments eg in Egypt this year.

There are of course degrees of freedom of expression within socialist, communist, totalitarian regimes. Eventually the extreme regimes fall, the people wake up to their rights and bring about an internal revolution. Communication technology plays a big role in this. 

A visit to CUBA a very close neighbor, will give you some idea of what it is like to live under one of these controlled states. For me the first thing i noticed upon arrival was the lack of advertising anywhere, its strange at first then you tend to forget that the USA is just 90 miles away. What you see are propaganda slogans.



 Che Guevara a prominent figure in Cuba’s revolution is the patron figure for all Cuban school children. We will come back to him later.


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