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NEWS / INFORMATION / ENTERTAINMENT where content gets fuzzy

If we stay with the medium of TV there are some content categories of programing that blur the line between news, information & entertainment.


Remember that all programs on commercial tv have to generate revenue, THE INFOMERCIAL  was a way of selling a product not via a 30 second advertisment (where everyone knows it is selling the product) but a longer more explanatory broadcast that may be misunderstood to be a short documentary or interview program about the product. When they were first introduced some viewers may have believed that it was a network program, and not one paid for by the brand.


All tv programs have to rate and the highest rating programs are the ones that entertain. News can be simple gossip and if its about celebrity you will have an audience. INFOTAINMENT Panel discussions on follow up breaking news items hosted by provocative personalities are popular forms of this kind of entertainment information programs.


This is commonly print media fuzzy content. ADVERTORIALS  look like newspaper or magazine articles printed to inform readers but they are paid for by the brand to sell product. If the newspaper doesnt print a disclaimer you might never know that you are reading a product biassed ad. TV got in the act with early morning / late night variety shows where the host would interview representatives of products. it looks like a legitimate interview but its only purpose is to sell product.


The Media is a commercial enterprise, and as such will use many communication strategies that often blur the line between Information – News – Entertainment. Our job as Media Analysts is to know exactly what we are reading, hearing (the same programing has been done on radio) and watching. 


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