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What the News Media can learn from Scientists

We now are beginning to realize by engaging in  MEDIA STUDIES we are studying the flow of INFORMATION through various mediums. From the previous post we see that culturally one source of information is THE NEWS.

But before we move ahead with a more in depth study of the NEWS CYCLE and how the information within it is obtained lets shift our focus to another domain of information that has been crucial to our progress on this planet.

Remembering that our primary focus in this course is to better navigate the INFORMATION COMMUNICATIONS HIGHWAY by knowing how to obtain good information so we can make smart decisions in life, we should ask ourselves is there any other domain of KNOWLEDGE that has proven itself to be reliable, constant, varifiable & true that assists others to make smart decisions ? 

The answer is SCIENCE.

Understanding how scientists carry out their investigations to bring forth new knowledge about the nature of reality is useful to us as bloggers reporting on our chosen subjects.

If you were to gain admittance to the  scientific community as an investigator of information you would have to follow 3 important steps if your information was to be accepted as true. 


This means if you want to know something you have to DO something, not just make it up. eg If you want to see the moons of Jupiter look through a telescope. By looking through a telescope pointed at Jupiter Galileo saw the moons of Jupiter. Information that was not available prior to the invention of the Telescope. Same thing with blood cells you want to see the nucleus of a red blood cell get a microscope to read the information.


By following an injunction you get to read the new information, the data comes forth as a result of performing the injunction. This data may inform a new theory thereby confirming its truth in reality.


Finally your experiments need to be varifiable so others can confirm your findings via the injunction that you have followed. This will prove that your data is not just opinion but real. Meaning also that you don’t have the right to comment about the moons of Jupiter unless you are prepared to look through the telescope. 

How does this help the media report the news?

If journalists approach the search for information with as much rigor as scientists do in reporting the nature of reality then the FACTS would be the single most important thing to report within the media culture. We will see later how this tends to fall apart even before investigations begin.


Since THE ENLIGHTENMENT  science has made incredible progress affecting every area of society. The only way that science has had such a powerful consistent influence in the world, one that replaced religious dogma, is because each new piece of scientific information that has been brought forth, has fit the 3 characteristics of scientific knowledge, and as a result has been accepted by a rigorous scientific community.

Science as a medium of information is extremely demanding of its content providers, unlike journalism where anyone who can write and has access to the internet can be a blogger.  While we might not understand many of the invisible laws of science one thing we all take advantage of is the product of science –  TECHNOLOGY. 

Quite remarkable TECHNOLOGY and NEWS will form an interesting partnership, as we shall see.


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