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THE NEWS part 2 : reporting / creating the news

Journalists are charged with a responsible task in this information gathering business. A NEWS REPORT has to be factual to be of any use to a 

consumer. Journalists are given extensive training in the 5 ‘W’s of NEWS CONTENT

WHO is the story about ?

WHAT happened?

WHEN did it happen?

WHERE did it happen?

WHY did it happen?

Ideally after reading listening or watching a news report there should be no questions to ask, the journalist has already asked them. Of course there are always questions.Like the HOW? it happened.. which might end up been a follow up story. 

Remember regardless of how well a reporter does his or her job in gathering INFORMATION objectively, a story still has to pass through a MEDIUM (TV RADIO PRINT ect) before it is presented to the public as a NEWS COMMODITY. This filtering process will become very important to consider when we begin to analyze News Stories. 


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